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Zhejiang Best Gear Co, Ltd., Ltd. is located in the beautiful beautiful pearl of the East China Sea - Yuhuan, adjacent to the speed and distance of barley island harbor, Shenhai Expressway and Wen Tai Yong railway 20 kilometers, distance world famous firm of Wenzhou Airport 50 kilometers, the geographical position is superior, the traffic is convenient, has a strong potential for development. On 1990, chairman Wu Falin and several partners jointly funded and set up factories, began to planetary axle gear production. The 2001 restructuring, its independent legal Zhejiang Falin Gear Co. ltd.. In 2008 January officially changed its name to Zhejiang Bo Sida Gear Co., ltd.. After many years of hard work, the company has from a small workshop production simple, has developed into a certain scale and level, vehicle differential gear manufacturing enterprises famous at home.
     Companies adhere to the "meet customer demand" as the goal, to "technological innovation, product quality" for the purpose, aim at the domestic and international market, the development and production of precision forging of bevel gear differential half axle gear, a planetary gear and a variety of mechanical transmission, its products have been widely important car manufacturers used in China, some products have been out of the country, are exported to the international market. The company has "reptilian" brand products have been recognized by users for quality assured brand products.The company firmly establish the quality the winning idea, always put the product quality in the first place, effective operation of the quality management system, has passed the TS-16949 international quality management system certification.
     Company s main products are: EQ145, EQ153, EQ1060, EQ1061, CA151, 1050B, 1043, 1041, 1020 (BJ212, 121), BJ130, five tons, five tons of the liberation of the king, Isuzu (6700), Fukuda, the East is red (700, 800), 462 (Chang He), Suzuki Alto, Jinbei, Xiali, engineering Wang, 457, Steyr (front / rear axle), agricultural machinery and jack screw bevel gear series products, also can according to user requirements for technology development and production.
     The company has a skilled engineering and technical personnel and loving plant and dedicated staff, the new plant has been completed and put into production, and the increase of gear measuring center, three coordinates of various high-precision testing equipment and CNC machining centers, automatic heat treatment carburizing furnace and other production equipment, quality assurance capability and production capacity increases, can better meet the needs of users. The company dedicated to provide high quality products and services to the user, hearty welcome friends, sincere cooperation, create brilliant!
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